Welcome To Everlasting Hug!

When you care enough to give the gift that matters… Give the Everlasting Hug

We are a non-profit company that designs & creates our very own unique line of handcrafted gifts. All of our designs, represent the celebration of the amazing unconditional love between pets and their humans. Cats, Dogs, and even Horses are represented here. 

Our Hugs are the most unique and heartfelt gifts you could ever give to the pet-lover in your family or simply for yourself. 

 Here you will find Keepsake figurines, Candles, Candle Holders, Pet Memorials, Tabletop Fountains, Wall Sconces, Pet Urns, and Bereavement items. Custom designs are also available

Whenever you or anyone else makes a purchase from Everlasting Hug, you will be helping to save a pets life. 100% of our profits go to help feed, medicate, shelter, neuter & transport pets that are in need at shelters and rescues. And when natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey separate pets from their families, Everlasting Hug will be there to help. 

Please watch our video to see how you can make a difference!

Your purchase or donation today saves the life of an unwanted pet tomorrow. Don’t wait, Purchase your Everlasting Hug products today and help us create more happy endings of amazing animal rescues. Be a part of this much-needed movement.

Millions of animals are depending on us!

Or simply give your best donation and help Everlasting Hug save the lives of pets in need. Your donation will be used to help Everlasting Hug Inc. make a difference.

We thank you for your generosity.

Give a hug… save a life

Handmade In USA

Email Us: 4ever@everlastinghug.com