“Give a Hug…Save a Life”

As we watch and listen to the stories of the tragic loss and devastation from the last few weeks of Hurricane Harvey and anticipate more yet to come from Irma, our hearts are broken.  Human lives have been lost.  Homes have been destroyed. All of us have been forever impacted.  The outpouring of relief and rescue bring some comfort and instills the belief that we can all come together in times of tragedy.

It can be paralyzing when it comes to doing anything.  Where and how to help?  It never seems to be enough.  It was out of that feeling of being hopelessly helpless that the Everlasting Hug was born.  Knowing now, that every little bit does truly HELP…the faceless pets and rescues from these areas hardest hit are in the spotlight of receiving financial aid for any and all necessities.

Everlastinghug.org is committed to helping these desperate lost and misplaced animals.  Chuck has created a unique limited edition cat, dog, and horse “hug.”  His goal is to distribute 500 of them to generate immediate funding to make a difference. We have also joined up with a transport service that has been to Texas and back with a precious cargo of dogs that were in desperate need of help.

You can help us to achieve this goal? For every donation of $60 or more, you will receive this special edition, beautiful keepsake figurine (cat, dog or horse) engraved with “My Hug Saved Lives”. Each of these limited edition Everlasting Hugs will be numbered 1-500.   It may be for you or given as a gift to someone that has rescued or lost a pet.

Please Donate Now

These beautiful, handcrafted and painted pieces are made with the intention of paying it forward.  Whether it comes at a time of your beloved pets birth, rescue, or passing…it generates funds so that another pet in need, may have a chance at life. Please help us to save a pets life today by donating $50 or more now, and we will rush your limited edition hug to you to show that you saved a pets life during the deadly 2017 hurricane season.

If you don’t help them… who will?

Please Donate Now