This moving memory vessel can be yours by simply clicking on the image

As a pet owner, you understand that the day will come when you have to say goodbye to the beloved pet that captured your heart. This is a very difficult moment and often your friends do not understand your grief. Charles Kern, a gifted artist, understands your loss and has created The Everlasting Hug Keepsake Figurines to help you endure this most difficult time.

These beautifully handcrafted gifts remind you of the special moments you shared with your pet. Within each figurine is a small chamber, that when filled with a lock of fur, or ashes, a picture, a note, or another small memento, becomes a unique memorial that can be picked up and reflected upon.

How does anyone process the loss of a loved one?  Then, how does this emotional process differ when the loved one is a precious pet?

A precious memory vessel available today by clicking on the image.

The Everlasting Hug captures all that a person feels and provides a peaceful closure when the time comes for your precious pet to move on.  When looking at either figure in the hug, you see an embrace.  You notice it is a person receiving a hug from either a cat or a dog.  Each is non-descript. It represents the love and thankfulness for the time the pet and human shared together.  Perhaps a full lifetime, maybe a few years or months, sometimes just a precious moment. The hug is your pet telling you “I was loved and had a home. Thank you!”

A lasting tribute for you now. Click on image

Even as adults, death can be hard to understand and accept.  What was once here in the body is gone but is now forever with us in spirit.  I know many of you have friends that have had a pet die and you feel there are no words or actions that convey your concern for them at the time of this special loss.  A gift of an Everlasting Hug says it all. 

For a child, losing a pet is usually their first experience with death.  The Everlasting Hug can be used to symbolize the forever lasting relationship they shared with their friend and playmate.  The loss, either by natural death, putting it to sleep, by running away, or by someone taking it, is lessened when this permanent keepsake is at their bedside.

The Everlasting Hug has a multifaceted purpose of not only easing your personal pain of pet loss, but also giving back to shelters, rescue, and organizations that deal with these voiceless, helpless, homeless and unloved animals.

This Service Dog Figurine will help you cherish the moments you shared. Click on image to get yours today.

By purchasing your Everlasting Hug Keepsake Figurine today you will be helping to save the life of an unwanted pet living within a shelter.What better way to leave a legacy of love in your pet’s name. Wouldn’t your pet want you to save another unloved animal? Get your Everlasting Hug today and each time you see it you will be reminded of your beloved pet and also the assistance you gave to another pet.

Start the healing process today by commemorating the legacy of love given to you when your pet hugged your heart.