Erin Downes

Charles has a genuine desire to help both people and animals in need. Although many people do; most do not put so much energy & love into realizing a better outcome for both pets & people. As a local veterinarian, I wholeheartedly endorse this project! I was given one of his beautiful & elaborate fountains about 10 years ago and amazingly, it continues to function completely trouble-free! I recently discovered Charles’ heartwarming Everlasting Hugs. I look forward to giving urns to my clients whose pets have passsed away. It is such a heart-wrenching experience. So many people tell me that the grief they feel is worse than when they have lost a close relative. However long the sadness lasts, it will probably seem too long. I still feel a stab of pain when I chance across photos of special pets. It can be an uncertain time after you lose a pet. People around you might think “it is only an animal” and not worthy of profound bereavement. I did not want to disclose my sorrow even though it was the only thing on my mind. For me, it has been a comfort when a friend recognized my grief in a tangible way. I hope my clients will find some solace in a lovingly-crafted Charles Kern urn during this time of intense heartache. It’s a bonus that profits will be helping fortuneless cats, dogs, and people.