Charles is a sculptor, a master stone mason, an architectural landscaper & designer and first and foremost a pet owner.

Charles Kern Designer / Artist

Charles, the creator of The Everlasting Hug,  is also the owner of  His handcrafted creations have been featured on television numerous times.  His works are displayed in prominent homes all over the world.

In 1991, he found that he had a gift bestowed upon him… the gift of sculpture. So I focused this gift into the specialization of creating tabletop fountains, garden sculpture and memorials. This led him down the path of helping people in need of relaxation and to help them cope with anxieties and loss.  Helping people was and is indeed a perfect fit for him.

The next 3 years consisted of change and evolution. After 18 years, he had to close his fountain gallery in 2012 due to a town’s economic decline. So he turned his attention to his online gallery and part time outdoor water and landscaping

Right about this time his then 95 year old mother became more dependent on me as caregiver, due to several falls.  

The path of his life forked.  Maybe because he was forced to slow down and put his mother’s care first.  But he also found himself being drawn to events taking place with his girlfriend’s daughter who had become a foster mom for pets.  Her efforts and those of the shelters she rescued from, overpowered his thoughts and emotions. 

Because of her his first rescue, Fenn, came into their lives. Then found alone on the side of the road, Schway came next. Then came their special needs cat, Twee… with us nursing him to better health. He was to change his life forever.

That was when he finally figured it out. Helping grief stricken people was only the tip of the iceberg.  He also wanted to be able to help those animals that are less fortunate than others. The unwanted pets that are surrendered to shelters. The unwanted litters that get dropped off.  The sick pets that are left out to fend for themselves. The senior pets that become neglected and taken to be put down.

 “I have seen the sad, scared and sick eyes of the young and the old.  So many… all with so little time to be saved” said Kern. 

Thus, the Everlasting Hug was born

Made In USA