About Everlasting Hug

Non Profit Organization
Give a Hug… Save a Life
How does anyone process a life and ultimate loss of a loved one? Then, how does this emotional process differ when the loved one is a beloved pet?
The “Everlasting Hug”, is all of “that” (however defined) which a person feels, when it is seen and held in the palm of their hands. It is the peaceful closure that settles in when the time comes for this precious animal being’s life to move on. When looking at either figurine, you see an embrace. You notice it is a person receiving a hug from either a cat or a dog. Each nondescript.
It represents the love and thankfulness for the time the pet and human shared together. Perhaps a full lifetime… maybe a few years or months… sometimes just a precious moment.
“I was loved and had a reason and a home. Thank you!”
The “Everlasting Hug” is so much more than a hand held figurine. It is a memory vessel figurine that captures and embraces the personal experiences of both pet loss and bereavement. Within each one, is a small chamber, that when filled with a cluster of fur, ashes, a picture, note, or other small memento, becomes a unique memorial that can be picked up and reflected upon.
Even as adults, death can be hard to understand and accept. What was once here in body is gone away but is now forever with us in spirit. How many your friends have had a pet die and you feel there are no words or actions that are perfect acknowledgement? A gift of an “Everlasting Hug” says it all.
For a child, losing a pet is usually their first experience with death. The “Everlasting Hug” can be used to symbolize the forever lasting relationship they shared with their friend and playmate. The loss, either by natural death, putting it to sleep, by running away, or by someone taking it, is lessened when this permanent keepsake is bed side.
The “Everlasting Hug” has a multifaceted intention of not only easing the personal pain of pet loss, but also giving back to shelters, rescues and organizations that deal with voiceless, helpless, homeless and unloved animal friends.
To start with, 100% of the total profits from the sale of each “Everlasting Hug” will go towards helping pets in need. This money will be used for direct relief to local chosen pet facilities for their needs. Imagine the difference these shelters could make in medical care, neutering and spaying and in finding forever homes for more of these unfortunate animals that deserve a chance. This networking… linking a much needed product bought by a large population of people in need, the volunteers, caregivers, and the rescue shelters will ignite this sow and reap campaign to make a difference.
YOU can make a difference.